High Altitude 12k+ archery Elk


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Jun 14, 2019
Hey Everyone,

I applied and expect to draw unit 49 in CO this year. Looking at starting to hunt on Sept 22ish through the end of the season. Camp is set right at tree line. Never hunted elk that high before, any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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Stay hydrated and don't push too hard too fast.  I live at 6000' and I notice the change when I go above 9000. 
be in the best shape you can be in for your hunt. Being physically fit at any altitude is a big help.
  • try to arrive at altitude at least 48 hours before you?ll undertake any strenuous physical activity ? even horseback riding. The more time you can spend acclimating to the elevation before your hunt begins, the better.
  • drink plenty of water.  Altitude sickness is often actually simple dehydration. At higher altitudes, water vapor is lost from the lungs more rapidly than at sea level. If you have a headache, drink a liter of water or Gatoraid ant take some asprin or Tylenol. If your headache goes away quickly chances are you?re mostly experiencing dehydration.
  • avoid caffeine and alcohol. These can increase the likelihood of dehydration. If it?s humid and you?re losing a lot of water through perspiration, maintain electrolyte balance with sports drinks designed specifically for this purpose.
  • take it easy. It is harder to breathe at higher altitude and even if you are fit, you can still feel the effects if you push yourself too hard too quickly. Resting at the altitude at which you became ill is often the most effective remedy.
  • if you feel sick to your stomach, focus on objects at your same elevation or above you. Do not focus on your feet or the valley below you. Keep your head up. Breathe deeply, but slowly and steadily.