Maximizing my adjustable site system

Big Tex

New member
Jan 8, 2013
So I have a MBG ascent with a dial of death adjustable sight pin system and with my bow set up I can only use the dial out to 65 yards, keying off the 20 pin, before my fletch starts to hit the bottom of the sight....wondering if other have had this issue and how you've been able to get your sight so you can use the dial out to farther distances.  An easy answer is to key off the 40 or 50 pin but that still won't allow me to shoot at 100 yards.  Are there changes to my set up that aren't too drastic that might help me gain some additional distance?

Rich Z

New member
Dec 29, 2012
Have you tried moving your anchor point down? I used to use the feather in the corner of my mouth as my anchor but switched to a kisser button about 1" above my nock set and pushed my peep up. My first shot with the new anchor point (without adjusting my site) I shot 18" high.

Just a thought

Rob P

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Jul 10, 2013
two suggestions: use your bottom pin as your floater pin, and/or slide your floater pin lower within the housing and move your housing up


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May 30, 2013
I shoot the cbe tek hybrid. The trick with adjustable sites, is just like fitting your peep. Close your eyes draw back, open your eyes and if your pin cover is center with your peep, so all you see is one hole, then your pins are centered with your eye. A lot of guys like to make their bottom pin the floater, but why wait till its past 60 yds or whatever your last pin is set at, to have a floater. If your top pin is a floater you can shoot exact yardage all the way, then your bottom pin is able to shoot longer. My 20 is my floater and at 100yds my 60 is dead on at 130. Hope this helps.