need help broadhead selection


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Mar 27, 2018
I personally prefer full cut on contact broad heads. But with fast bows above 280 fps you will most likely have planing issues. I used to use Bear razor lites in 100 gr. But no longer available. So in search of a new head I chose the magnus stinger in 100 gr. I really like the design of the magnus broad heads. The back edge of the blade is sharpened like the leading edge. So if you don?t have a full pass through and the arrow is working it self back out it?s cutting tissue. I just picture that head slicing and dicing while the animal is running.  I did have some planing issues with the Magnus stingers due to the long blade. But have bought the Magnus black hornets and am very happy with the results. 440 gr. arrow flying at 292 fps. And yes like every body else says about their broad heads flying like lawn darts these do the same thing. There?s a YouTube video of the top ten broad heads and the Magnus black hornets came in 2nd. 1st was a mechanical due to accuracy. Also Magnus has a lifetime warranty no matter what happens to the head. I?m not sure about other broad heads, but after tuning my broad heads with the main blade vertical to my string. I can take any broad head (Magnus)and switch them from arrow to arrow and the main blade always lines up with my string. That proves to me the quality of machine work for consistency. The Magnus broad heads are extremely tough too. Last year made a bad shot and deflected the arrow hitting a chunk of steel plate. Arrow (maxima red 350) blew apart into 3 pieces and the broad head stayed mostly intact. Pretty impressive!


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Apr 1, 2018
Another for slick trick standards here.  They are accurate, sharp, and tough.  They don't have the best cutting diameter and some heads will induce more bleeding but I know that if I do my part that animal is going to die.  With that said there are lots of heads likely just as good or better so shoot what gives you confidence.


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Aug 4, 2017
I would pick out a nice fixed head you can trust for elk.  You can use the same head on deer if you like. 

I would however shoot a big mechanical for turkeys.  In my opinion there is nothing better than a large cut mechanical on turkeys.  I have shot them with fixed heads but mechanicals are better on turkeys in every aspect.


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Jun 13, 2016
so a quick follow up on this thread..  i recently received a fresh batch of arrows.. i went straight to broadheads with them after 30 or 40 shots..  head of choice was the G5 Montec Striker in 100 grn  i made one left to right adjustment which im secretly wondering if it was actually needed.  might of been just me. other than that out to 20 they fly through my bow like field tips    goona stretch her out to 30 40 50 and 60 today

bryan m

Dec 31, 2016
There are lots of great, well made broadheads out there. I personally like the deep penetrating cut on contact heads for large bodied elk. I've had great success with muzzy phantoms, and slick trick. They fly great for me. Just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you.