need help broadhead selection


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Jun 13, 2016
so im trying to pick out a broadhead to use .. first time stepping up with archery equipment so in no way am i seasoned or carry all the vocabulary..  im shooting a prime rival at 62 lbs with a 27.5 " draw..  flinging a gold tip kinetic peirce 400 spine.. right now with 100 grn field tips    turkey tag coming up in april so i need to decide    in the end im wanting the broadhead choice to be right for elk...  ive looked at montec G5 striker, slick trick 4 blade, iron will, kudu, gravedigger extreme...  how does a guy choose?? 

thank you
there are lots of great broadheads out there, I use slick trick standard 100s. They are accurate and fly great as long as your bow is tuned as applies to all broadheads including mechanicals. Just remember that larger size heads such as Mangus buzzcuts  may require larger vanes to help steer them correctly. Low profile broadheads such as slick tricks should do fine with the smaller vanes that are popular today.
Regardless which broadhead you get I recommend picking up a pine ridge spin tester too. By spin testing you can make sure each broadhead is seated properly which will help lead to consistency in broadhead flight from arrow to arrow.
As 82ndreddevil mentioned there are a lot of good options out there!
To be honest I think it's so hard for someone to pick a new one because everyone swears that their broadheads "fly light darts" and "leave killer blood trails".

I personally use shuttle T locks and they have worked great for me.

Stuff that I always seem to see pop up as far as broad heads go are: slick tricks, QAD exodus, muzzy, montechs, etc.

Been a Slick Trick 100gr user for years - no plans of changing

Elk/Deer/Turkey have succumbed to them :)

One of the reasons I moved to them is because I can re-sharpen them on  my Gatco system. I shot Muzzy prior to them, but they seemed to be not as sharp out of the box and I couldnt resharpen them - as easily.
Plus, the POI is exactly the same as my FPs
I have a similar setup to yours and have used both Slick Trick and Montec to kill elk.  I would feel comfortable with either at the end of the arrow.  I switched to Montec a couple of years ago simply because I wanted a solid piece of steel for the broadhead.  As others have said, plenty of options out there.  Try some as your budget permits and see what works best for you.
I used Thunderheads for years. I switched to G5 Montecs for a solid one piece cut on contact head that I can resharpen. I use a diamond stone and they get pretty sharp. I have shot them through bone and no damage. Had one blow clean through a shoulder blade of a deer. Harvested a couple elk and dozens of deer with them. I carry a credit card size diamond stone that is light weight and I can sharpen them up in the field if needed.
Similar to what others have said, I use Slick Trick just because in my research a couple years ago when I started shooting a bow, that's what I felt the majority of elk hunters were using. But I'm definitely going to consider trying some G5 Montecs for the solid one piece head. Something about having to worry about all the pieces on the Slick Trick bothers me. It's even worse on a Wac 'Em, which I think is a great head, but MAN did I struggle trying to assemble those things!
Wow.... Thank you too all that replied.  I think I've narrowed it down to the g5 and the slick trick. 
I like the G5 Striker and Montec but honestly that's all I've used.
Turnercody said:
Wow.... Thank you too all that replied.  I think I've narrowed it down to the g5 and the slick trick.

i used to only shoot Slicktrick100's.  i still love them.

you mentioned turkey.  my first turkey was killed with a slicktrick.  quite possibly the best shot of my life.  (i used to damn near sleep with my bow under the pillow).  i hit that dude right in the face.  i honestly think a judo tip would have killed was like i hit him with a baseball bat.  he just died.  i threaded that arrow thru a grid in a cattle fence.  totally awful shot choice, but it was gonna be my first turkey!  i made some hard decisions and made them fast.

now?  ALL my turkeys are shot with Grim Reaper mechanicals.  it just lays them down.  the arrow blast thru and the bird might flap, but for the most part he just lays down and flops over.

i still use slicktricks, but i mostly use the Montec.  my friends all hated how dull they felt.  i took them all and sharpened them after they gave up on them and handed them to me.  i use them simply because i have a lot of them, and they were free.  they fly fine for me.  a tad noisy in flight.  and i have to sharpen them.  the wide bevel feels dull to the touch, but i know they are plenty sharp to kill. 

what messed up my program. a guy gave me a pack of 100 Rage Hypodermics.  wow!!  second best shot of my life was a buck at 67 yards.  that arrow zipped right thru him never to be found again.  blood spewed and that deer walked 20 yards and toppled.  it is a good mechanical.  not sure i would put one in my NM elk coming up..(thinking positive here!!).  if i draw an elk tag..i think i will buy a package of Snuffer SS.  just like the montec but carbon steel and apparently sharper from the get go.
I use the G5 strikers and have had good success with them.

As others have said there are many good heads out there. Maybe try and see if someone you know shoots one your interested in and barrow one and try it out to see how you like them before buying them. Their not cheap.
boom  thanks for the input  the other day i literally sat in the arrow aisle at sportsmens for 20 min trying to decide and still walked out emptu handed .  my hunting partner shoots the slick tricks  he swears by em    thinking my mind is made up    although i shoulkd mention that the gravedigger mechanical still has my curiosity..  2'' 1/8 wide!!  hey hope you draw that tag
I've used montec, striker, slick trick, ulmer edge and rage ss (1.5) cut. All had same results...dead elk. I will put the cons of each and why I switched.
Montec- never 2 holes, 3 elk, bh always under the hide on the other side. No good blood trails even with perfect shot,
Striker- broken ferrules on both- blades split my arrow (2 elk)
Slick trick standard- no blood trail (2 elk)
Ulmer - not available anymore, not the best blood trails (4 elk)
rage ss- keep an eye on those shock collars in your quiver

My broadhead of choice is the rage ss on elk right now and here's why. 5 dead elk this season (2 were mine), 2 holes every time, red carpets of blood, no failure, watched them die.
For what it's worth I think a 2 inch cut is too wide for elk. Most blade angles of 2 inch wide mechanicals are pretty steep, wouldn't think you'd get 2 holes. I also like the cut on contact tip of the SS, trocar tips seem to punch a hole, whereas coc slice hole. This is my experiences using fixed and mechanical, no offense to anybody. Just giving the op my experience.

I know slicktricks are popular and I have packed them in the mountains on my two trips. They have flew the same as my fieldpoints out to 60 yards. I finally shot a WT with one this year and I was not impressed. I made a perfect shot and heard the buck fall. The problem was no blood. The pic shows where he was standing. That was the only blood other than one spot about the size of a dime 50 yards away. I think I?m gonna try Ramcats. My son used them this year. They flew the same as fieldpoints and left a great blood trail on a less than perfect shot.

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i want to try them.  every single long distance shooter in Tuscon seems to use them.  my buddy is a rockstar when it comes to couse deer.  every buck seems to be record book stuff. 

he plunks those tiny deer out on the horizon with a ramcat.
what sucks is testing.

it's not like we can find a cow, or a goat on a farm and center punch it with a broadhead.  (maybe you farm guys can :))

the first time letting a new broadhead fly at and animal is anyone's guess.  :D

i might try ramcats soon.
I've been using VPA 3-blade vented at 125gr and love them. Shoot straight with a tuned bow. I have no reason to switch, but have thought about jumping up to 150gr and seeing how they work. I may also try Slick Tricks at some point since I've never heard a bad thing about them.
all awesome stuff,,  good input from montanaelk31  thank you... i bought the slick tricks today  target testing tomorrow  we'll see how much change has to happen to make em fly  fingers crossed...