Nevada Mule Deer

Jody Cyr

New member
Dec 12, 2012
Leaving Xmas Day to hunt the last 6 days of the year!  Hoping to find a good looking buck that is willing to make the trip back to Oregon with me and visit some of his old buddies:)  If anyone out there is still hunting, good luck to ya!!!
Really?  Didn't know we had a season this late in Nevada... What area are you hunting?  Lots of nice bucks out there.  I killed my best last year in unit 221.  If I knew how I'd post you a pic. 
;) If you're going to shoot them between the eyes, you need to aim about 2inches higher! Congrats--Bill
I hunted 202, 205,206... Only saw one buck (forkie) on public ground and hundreds and hundreds on private..Not much i could do with no access.  Great conditions though and lesson learned about wintering mule deer:)