physical conditioning: navy seal workout

elk sicario

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May 6, 2020
warm up:

10 neck stretches(chin to chest)
10 rolling neck stretches(ear to shoulder)
10 shoulder circles (forward/reverse arms to the side and arms in front)
10 chest flys
10 lower back stretches
10 each leg: glutes stretch
10 each leg: monster walk
10 each leg: butt kickers
10 calves jump
10 jumping jacks
10 rocking chairs
10 each direction: lateral shuffle


set 1:
25 pushups
25 mountain climbers
25 slalom skiers

jump rope till recovered

set 2:
60 sec. each:
alligator crawl
bear crawl
crab crawl

jump rope till recovered

set 3:
1 8-count body builder
10 pullups
complete 5 rounds for total of 5/50

jump rope till recovered

set 4:
10 shoulder crushers
10 4-count overheads
10 dfrb

jump rope till recovered

set 5:
10 situps
60 sec. turtle shell
complete 3 rounds for total of 30/180

jump rope till recovered

set 6:
25 deep squats
10 starjumps
15 speed skaters
10 lunges
10 switch lunges

jump rope till recovered

set 7:
10  up-downs
15 full body weight dips
complete 3 rounds for total of 30/45

jump rope till recovered

cool down:
3 each for 30 seconds:
seated hamstring stretch
calve stretch
quadriceps stretch
lower body stretch
pectoral stretch
latissimus dorsi stretch

do this 3-4 times a week in addition to running.
i used this program to get into sheep shape in 2.5 months
Eat protien and carbs and drink lots of water.

the video i found this on is called "anatomy of fitness navy seals" on youtube


I picked up a nice Rogue pull-up bar for the garage gym during quarantine. Glad I did! A nice olympic bar and a few bumper plates are next on my list.  :train:

elk sicario

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May 6, 2020
i just upgraded from a tree limb to a home made A-frame pullup bar! got my olympic bar in yesterday...having a blast!!!


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Dec 8, 2019
Impressive workout. I always do the one core exercise that all SEALS must master...the pull up...slow going up...chin over bar.....slow going down..I have a weight belt to add plates as needed to incrementally increase my strength.....


elk sicario

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May 6, 2020
awesome! im currently out of commission for any upper body excercise for at least 2 or 3 weeks. i got kicked by a 900 lb horse that has a mean streak. Doc said im looking at 6 weeks for full recovery time...not cool. im losing upper body muscle mass at an extremely alarming rate. The good news is that i can still work gut, and legs. although i have to be careful with the fluid currently on my knee.

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