Short bow and bad shots


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Sep 26, 2021
Im new to Archery hunting, but have been hunting rifle since I was 12.  Not new to hunting, but definitely new to Archery hunting. I bought a Matthews mission craze from 2012.  I bought it on craigslsit because it was such a good deal: bow, hard case, 20 arrows, release for $200.

When I first started shooting it, I was pretty decent up to 40 yards, even though I didn't know what i was doing.  My shots seem to be getting worse the more I shoot.  One big factor is that I can't hold the sight pin still.  My anchors are good, my draw length is perfect and I have good form.  I tried a bigger stabilizer, but it doesn't help much. I had a friend, as well as the archery pro shop, comment on how short the axel to axel length is.  When held up to other bows, this thing is tiny. 

Has anyone else had this experience or are familiar with a similar scenario?  I'm basically not going to take a shot because I am missing the target at 20 yards.  So Im just calling and scouting for the most part and making that my archery hunting experience.  I'll focusing on getting an elk with my rifle instead.  I plan on getting a new bow this winter when they go on sale.  A little late in the season to get a new one now, plus I only have a few more days I can go hunting.
Welcome to the sight mindburn! Sounds like you could have one of a handful of issues. First, your draw weight could be too high, which could cause the bow to be moving around on you. Second, you could just be tightening up your muscles trying too hard to keep the bow still. It could also be target panic, which, if you read up on, will give you a bunch of different options on how to try to solve it.

The bottom line is switching bows isn't going to magically solve the issue. I would do some research or get to a shop and have them watch you shoot and help you. It could be something as simple as focusing on your target at full draw and not the actual sight pin.
Draw weight was the first thing I thought of too. You could film yourself shooting and post it to youtube. We could watch that and maybe have better insight into what's happening.

Or we could watch that and just make fun of your fashion choices. Either way.
If it's not draw weight it could be a number of other things. Not keeping the sight pin still does sound like target panic could be a possibility. My Dad had target panic and missed bulls that were completely broadside at distances of 11, 16, 15, 18, and 23 yards. He's worked for years to get over it.
Are you gripping the riser? It should sit loosely in your hand while shooting. If I grip mine I shoot consistently to the left.
What is your arrow rest and is it adjusted properly? Fletching contact with the rest would throw your shots off. I've had my bow since 2007 and it has a whisker biscuit on it. There's a handful of set screws to tighten once it's adjusted and that's it. Mine has been on the bow for 14 years and the only thing I have done is change out the insert when I've worn them out. I think I'm on the third one now. And testing on them shows that you lose an average of 4fps shooting threw one. Thats a negligible enough amount for me considering the ease of use.
And I know the arrows came with the bow but are you sure there spined correctly? Under spined arrows would be dangerous to shoot and they wouldn't fly correctly.
And does this happen with broadheads only? I had some el cheapo broadheads that would plane when shooting and they flew all over the place.


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