Shoulder and Back??


New member
Dec 28, 2012
Any archers out there do any additional exercises for their shoulder and back to keep those in shape for shooting?

I had the misfortune of messing up my shoulder a couple years ago while shooting a winter league. I had not shot since September and started the league in mid Dec.
1st mistake was not shooting any before the league period, 2nd mistake was I didn't lower the draw weight on my bow from its 70 lb max for the league.
Ended up messing my shoulder up for life and missing a bunch of 3D shoots and stuff.

It still bothers me but I know that I have to work it out to continue archery hunting. So I was just curious if others think about this?
I practice with a recurve bow at about 50# in the off season and that keep me focused on the task at hand. hope this helps.
I also messed up my shoulder on the job several years ago. What I found was massage therapy and stretching. The muscles knotted up under the shoulder blade. I also split alot of firewood, but have found the working out at the gym also helps. I have found the not prepping my body for the day with stretching can lead to muscle injuries. Hope this helps some. :)