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Jan 2, 2013
What have you done today to better yourself for September?  I ran for 35 minutes on the eliptical before work and then pushed the baby in the stroller for a 2 and a half mile run/walk with pretty good elevation change.
Lifted today, shot a few arrows and did a little bugling while sitting in traffic this AM.
did burpees,right and left side planks,box jumps,good mornings,prisoner squats,and dips, we did them in sets of 10,11,12,13,14, & 15 as fast as you could with no rest. The old bones were tired after that. Going on 13 weeks of crossfit exercises 5 days a week. I'm in the best shape I've been in in a long time. 
Ran on the treadmill and lifted during the Michigan game now sitting on my butt watching some serious NCAA tourney action. I will go for round two later tonight by jumping back on the treadmill for some steep up hill hiking.
Had to work all weekend but still went for a walk/run with the baby in the stroller Saturday and ran on the elyptical for 40 min and lifted weights after work today. Can't wait till September!
Did tabata workout pushups dips sit ups squats . Then 4 minutes & 30seconds of reverse crunches  leg levers and flutterkicks. Can't wait for those mountains this year.
I have been doing P90X along with elliptical in the morning and post work out.
coming up on the 4th week and after that I am hoping to start running outside instead of just the elliptical. I also need to start hiking the hills with a weighted pack to get ready. Just need to build that into the routine. Shooting has been put on hold for a little bit with me sending my sight back in for warranty. The housing was rattling and making noise on every shot I took.
I run in the hills on the trails about 35 miles a week and try to cross train a couple times a week my long runs are during the weekend working toward 8 hr runs.
Climbed 2000 vert over half a mile.  Steep barn burner for the legs.  Saw a pretty good bull that is still packin and a stud full curl big horn.  Love mixin it up on Saturdays from the regular lifting  and cardio routine.

Check out next weeks feature article on for a sweet strength and endurance training weight lifting workout.
Shot a 3D this morning then drove to a NFAA range and shot it. Got several miles of  walking and shooting in. I need a practice range on the side of a mountain, where you climb with your pack and gear on then stop and take your shots along the way.
spring break this week so I have the week off. Did tabata workout this morning followed by some weight training. same thing tommorrow followed by a 3 milerun and maybe some shed hunting. I wish we had the mountains that they have in colorado here in WV. No matter how much mountian training you do in WV it is no match for the mountains in CO.
Big Tex "did a little bugling while sitting in traffic this AM"

thought i was the only one who did this.  ha.  I tune my bugle and calling skills in traffic as well! 10 minutes of highway driving to town from my house is practice time.
Got an early start this morning running 30 min on the ellyptical while watching 30 days by Born and Raised.  I have about worn that DVD out over the last year, they really need to get the next one out!
we did 50's day this morning. box jumps,k-bell swings,push press,pullups,burpees,knees to elbows,jumprope,back extensions,walking lunges and wall balls. 50 of each for time. Took me just over 25 minutes. Got a 5K tommorrow. Can't wait til september.
I took a new job that gives me more time with the family and time to get in the woods. Also will be making more money to help support my addiction with the outdoors
Congrats on the new job - I hope to get up to the U.P. this fall for a hunt or two.
birddog said:
I took a new job that gives me more time with the family and time to get in the woods. Also will be making more money to help support my addiction with the outdoors

More time off AND more money? Well done. Congratulations!!!!!
Thanks I guess that's what happens when you go from landscaping to a skilled trade. Richie hope you can sure make it up for a hunt.
Down 15 lbs since December (was 215lbs, now 198) and ran my fastest 2 mile ever at a bit over 15 mins yesterday.  Today is lifting and hiking (if weather settles out a bit.)  Love having Sept as my "best be ready by" point to keep me pointed goal wise. Also started the paleo diet two weeks ago and notice a big difference already.  weight loss really kicked in speed last week.

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