What did you do today to work towards your 2019 season?

Ran my first 5k today.

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Yesterday was another upper body workout and today I'll be hitting the stair master before getting a massage this afternoon. Trying to make sure the body is feeling as good as possible heading into next month!
3 mile run yesterday in 95 degree heat  :oops: followed by 4 miles on the road bike.
Today it's back to the gym for Chest/Tri day.
Glad I worked out this morning, as it?s 102 right now... :oops:  May try to hike some later when the sun goes down, we?ll see...
Today was 20 minutes inclined walking, 10 minute run, arms, then about 45 minutes-60 minutes of bow time!
Saturday: 3-mile run, 1-hour shooting, 10 min bugle practice, 25 min leg blast at the gym, approx. 1-hour staring at gear in the garage.
Sunday: 10-mile bike ride, 1-hour shooting, 1-hour chest/triceps at the gym, approx. 30-min. staring at gear in the garage.
Helluva weekend. Wife starting to get agitated. 25 days!
Got to shoot my bow today and test broadheads.

We are good to go!


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Upper body yesterday and cardio today. Continuing to up the cardio every day and feeling great!
Training for a 25 hour bike race. 90 minute bike workout today...should have my cardio covered...feeling strong during my hunts this year!

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