What\'s your go to elk knife?


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Mar 3, 2014
For me it is a Helle Futura sheath knife with an elk antler handle that has an elk ivory imbedded in the pomel that I made myself. It never touches anything except elk or deer.

My camp knife is a Mora. Both knives have a Scandi grind that not only takes a good edge, but they keep it as well.
I have a regular old Buck hunting knife and a Mini Alpha Buck skinning knife. The Mini Alpha is the best knife I have ever had at taking an edge and holding it. I got mine while they were still made with ATS34 steel.
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The knife I use more than any other is a German made Boker pocket knife. The knives I mentioned in the other knife post are for skinning and butchering. The Boker does everything else except kitchen work. I used it to skin and butcher an elk just to prove to myself it was up to the task. I was a little slower with it, and the hide reminded me of the first haircut I ever gave another person. Fortunately when I gave the haircut, we were at sea and three weeks from going into a port. Neither the sailor nor the elk had any complaints. :)
I carry two knives.

My old trusty leatherman I picked up during desert storm, and the home made Helle knife. Not as pretty as Bill\'s.

The antler was from a shed while hunting.


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I have to admit -- I don\'t have a \"go to\" knife ...

I \"sprinkle\" cheap lock-backs around in drawers, pickups, saddle bags ...

And I have a number of heavier but nonetheless inexpensive fixed-blade knives that I can grab on the way out the door.

I did get a real nice knife from Russell Knives for my son for his Eagle Scout ... he loves it, but often doesn\'t take it because it\'s \"too nice\" and he doesn\'t want something to happen to it.

I did get a Havalon (this wouldn\'t be an elk forum without mentioning that make, eh?) and it\'s ok ... it\'s taken down several critters and it\'s very light ... and I like the bright orange color so I have trouble losing it. But, in the end, it\'s just a knife.

I equate the Havalon to a synthetic rifle stock ... utilitarian, tough, weather-proof ... but you are giving something up when you go away from a nice wood stock. I look at WW\'s and AB\'s knives and realize that. No one passes a synthetic rifle stock or a Havalon knife down to their grandkids!
An old old worn out Buck 110.

You were expecting some new fancy dancy knife from me?
I actually use outdoor edge knives. I got them as a gift probably 10 or so years ago, but they have held up and work great. Keep a good edge for a long time as well. I have heard people bash on outdoor edge\'s products, but I personally like them more than any other knife I have used including some fairly high-end models.
\"Swede\" said:
The knives I mentioned in the other knife thread are for skinning and butchering.

I went ahead and brought that post over here for you Swede since the thread topic looked like a double post.
last elk, i took apart with a Knives of Alaska -alpha wolf. super sharp, but once you get it too dull, you are screwed. D2 steel is too hard to handle with field sharpening gear.

i got home and opted for high carbon steel. softer, and it gets surgical sharp. i went CHEAP!! super cheap. i bought a Mora companion for my brother and i. no elk yet, but turkeys galore and trout..i bet i could sharpen that thing with a trail side rock. the novalty of \"cheap\" may have expired for me. i miss a nice wood handle and a a worn, leather sheath.

i am looking hard at the new Benchmade hunting knives. looking HARD!! i cannot justify a custom high carbon knife..not at this point in my life. i love high carbon..but that new steel on the benchmades is supposed to be really good for hunting applications. S30V.
I did some work on my Grand Father\'s old hunting knife last weekend. I am working on a full length maple burl handle but put this in for now. I got that sucker razor sharp, all is tight, and I can\'t wait to use it this year!

We switched to the Havelon knives and couple years ago, and I am sure glad we did they have worked great on all big game for us. They are light weight just switch the blade out once dull, etc. I have yet to dull one as much as a standard knife we used to use.
I have a gerber gator on my belt while hunting & a cutco in my pack for skinning chores. Both are terrific knives. Im pretty proud of my version of the self made hele blade knives. Saw one WW had made & decided to try making one myself. A fun project in the downtime winter months. Ill probably try one out on game some time, but so far just havnt had the heart to get them dirty.


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\"Buglemaster\" said:
havnt had the heart to get them dirty.

With all due respect ... those knives are crying out for use!

Fine knives, I figure, were made to cut. Fine rifles were made to shoot. And fine wine was made to drink! Why some people let these thing sit on shelves an continue to use their inferior cousins is beyond me!

My finest rifle stock is some so-so walnut on an 1895 Winchester ... really, it\'s very nice walnut, but I know there\'s better out there ... but the scratches on it are like badges of honor.
I agree 100% John, and let me add that fine bamboo rods were meant to be fished.

You think i\'m old school in hunting. You should see me fish. Bamboo rod, silk lines, old old C&P reels, nothing but dry flies tied with just natural materials. Yes, i\'m one of those guys. :D
Dave, would love to see a write up from you or WW on making one of those knives if you ever have the time. That looks like it would be a heck of a lot of fun to create something like that!
I have probably 25 knives, maybe more, including the Cutco like cnelk\'s. (Brad did I tell you what the Cutco people told me when I chipped the blade on an elk?)

My current favorite is a custom one made by my friend Wayne Depperschmidt that I won at the CTAS shoot with one $5 raffle ticket. I also carry Havalon Piranta.