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Dec 14, 2020
Hello everyone, new to this site and brand new to elk hunting. I have decided to stray from bucks and ducks here in the midwest and start trying my hand hunting out west.

It has been a goal for years to start elk hunting, but as the story goes, I needed to take the time to get my financials in order to be on stable ground for my family before making the jump right in.

Well that time is now... I was approached by a few friends to join them on their first elk hunt this upcoming year. 

Myself being all in for this, i joined elk university and gohunt to hopefully increase my chances of success and at the very least, make sure i know at least the basics.

Being new to this, and wanting to get out and hunt we were looking at an OTC tag, but still plan on putting in for other draws and seeing if we get lucky.

when we put in for a group tag, if the group is chosen, do all members of the party receive tags or is that a state by state basis? I am nervous that is someone in the group doesn't get a tag, they will back out of the trip so i am nervous if that happens and i am stuck with a tag with no one to hunt with.

So much for me to unpack as I continue through the elk 101 course and i am sure i will have many more questions to come.

thanks everyone,


Jul 10, 2017
Brent, welcome to the site and welcome to the addiction of elk hunting!  :-D

In regards to your question on group applications, it's setup so if one of you draw then you all draw.

It sounds like you are on the right track. The UEH course will have you more knowledgeable than 90%+ of the other elk hunters out there. Keep reading and re-reading that and feel free to fire away with more questions!


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Aug 8, 2013
Welcome Brent. 

I can't think of a state that would exclude anyone from a tag in a group application.  Good luck and have fun... That's what it's all about anyway.


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Mar 3, 2014
Usually for a group application, they use the group member with the lowest number of points to decide if the whole group draws together.

But it your case it sounds like you all have 0 points. And besides you are looking at an OTC unit. So, there is really no need to apply at all. Just purchase your tag when you get here. Unless I'm missing something, you should be good to go.

At least this is how it works in Colorado. I can't speak for other states.