Which broadheads have failed you?


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Jul 27, 2018
Curious to hear instances where broadheads have failed to bring animals down / mechanicals have failed to open / etc.

Personally, I've had bad luck with Steel Force. I couldn't get the Sabertooths to fly right (they are also very loud in the air, btw). I also shot a whitetail doe with an older version of what is now called their "Phat head" series and the deer ran off with the arrow sticking out both sides of her. No blood (i assume due to no pass through), no arrow, no deer. Shot "looked good" from what I remember, but obviously couldn't have been perfect. Was from an elevated tree stand at 20 yards.

I hear a lot about the potential for issues with mechanicals. I have never lost a whitetail use Rage slipcam broad heads and always have had good blood trails.

Anybody have any bad mechanical or fixed BH stories?
The only ones I had "fail" were the Rage Hypo's and the G5 T3.
I need to be very clear that the "failure" was they snagged a piece of grass or a branch while stalking in on something and they opened up. Because of the spider clip on the T3 and the collar on the hypo, I was unable to easily reset the broadhead for a shot. So I had to swap out arrows.

Because of this that is why I generally use fixed broadheads. I don't have to worry about anything inadvertently opening.

If I shoot a mechanical now it's the NAP Spitfire. It's easy to reset if it opens.

G5 T3's were my favorite think in the world prior to my first elk hunt. I had zero issues bringing down several deer, but then on my first elk hunt, I had two arrows pass completely through without deployment.
Have never shot a mechanical, so I've never had a "failure".  Just have had some that didn't create a wound channel like I wanted to see.  I've damaged some of the blades and replaced them, but I have yet to try anything that provides more damage and penetration than the original Ramcats.
Can't use Mechanicals here in Idaho so no worries. Leaning toward some Kudupoints this year.
I'm looking at trying some Ramcats this year. May try some original slick tricks, too, and see what flies the best.
I had a bad experience with a Vortex 3 blade. It?s a style that uses an o ring around the blades to keep them folded forward until impact. The problem I had was cold wet weather. The broad head must have gotten water in it. It essentially froze shut. It sounded like I hit that poor whitetail buck with a hammer. I got almost no penetration. Might as well have hit him with a judo point. I watched and trailed him for 3 hours and he was back to checking does and doing his thing. It was a non fatal lesson learned for both of us.

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I have had bad luck with the Range Hypodermic and the Slick Trick Viper Trick.  The Rage Hypo broke on the first two arrows I shot.  And i cant get the Slick trick viper trick to fly straight past 40 yards, not if my life depended on it. 

I have however had really good luck with the Trophy Taker Shuttle T. They shoot straight out to 60 yards. 
Just got some valkyrie blood eagle. If they perform I'm gonna switch to there center pin system, fingers crossed

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g5 t3 is the only one to ever fail me. All the others that didnt kill I failed, not the broadhead. my quiver now is a little more fixed blade focused, I run 3 iron wills and 2 deadmeats. The deadmeats are purely for follow up shots as they do fly better than fixed especially at long range.
I had 3 fixed blade ?failures.? 1 mech ?failure. ? All resulted in dead elk but all forced me to switch.
Fixed- strikers failed me twice, same issue. Blade forced its way out of the ferrule, through the dinky copper ring and split right down my carbon arrow.
Muzzy trocar- broken ferrule.
Mechanical- Rage Hypodermic broken blade

I?m one of the few here that has had more of an issue with fixed blades than mechanicals. I use Rage ss (1.5 cut)for the last 3 years and absolutely love them.  Bottom line is fixed can fail too so shoot a head you have confidence in!
I have used the original muzzy with great success. 3bl 100gr on mid size game. There was a big push for the nap sidewinder in the beginning of the mechanicals. These did not have full blade deployment. Now I have been using rage chisel and X mechanicals. These have been great. This is all Wisconsin game. I'm setting up for my 2020 elk trip and and so glad for the members here and that I found this place. So, following on experience and whom is using mechanicals on big game. Also just ordered tooth of the arrow to see how they fly... Anyone slinging them
I think the number of states that have made mechanical broadheads illegal for anything other than turkey should say something.
I've seen a buddy's Muzzy trocar tip fail as well, still recovered the elk though.  An elks hide is something else compared to deer-sized game. 

I've had success with Slick Tricks and Montecs in the past.  I'm currently shooting the G5's because no matter the weather, stalking obstacles, etc. I know that there's very little chance of failure in a sharpened solid piece of steel.  Other than the archer of course....
I tried mechanical Broadheads for the first time last year and found the penetration on a 25 yard shot to be piss poor! Went back to a fixed blade and never looked back.
Frankiecruzer said:
Montec has failed me

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Please explain. I have shot through the shoulder blade of deer and broke a few ribs on elk. Montecs are strong. I suspect shot placement may be the problem.
I had original rage 3 blade fail on my first elk, hit a rib and bent the ferule and broke off most of one blade.  Worked but caused me to switch to fixed blades.  Later elk hunt I used GrizzTrick 2, hit a bull in the rib and it deflected almost straight up into the backstrap...never found that bull.  Was mid height and behind the shoulder... just my luck I suppose but I'm switching again.

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