2016 Deer Meat Pole

I had a great Coues deer hunt in Arizona. Our group was 4 for 5. The fifth guy had shoulder problems and had to quit after 3 days, I felt so sorry for him. I got this buck on the 6th day of the hunt. He went off the side of the mountain top I was hunting on and it took some effort to haul him back to the top. The mountain was about 6000 and very rocky.


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Great, Keef.... :upthumb: :upthumb: :upthumb:

It appears you drew 1st blood for deer.... :clap: :clap:

Post your great Coues deer on the 1st Deer Blood 2016 thread too... :D :D
Very nice Coues Buck, Keef...Congrats! :upthumb:

Didn\'t know we had a deer meatpole...I would have posted this last Week! :dk:


Nor Cal Blacktail...taken on Saturday, August 28th. Came in around 6:45 PM.

Long, slow track job through some seriously thick stuff...turned out it was an 80 yard death run. :cool:
Well for what it\'s worth looks like, Jeff drew 1st blood... :upthumb: :upthumb:

My memory isn\'t as good as it use to be but I think I remember Jeff posting his deer somewhere earlier... :D :D

Yep I found Jeff\'s post in the contest thread... It was posted Aug 28th... :oops: :oops:

Good job, Jeff.... :clap: :clap:
I have to get some better pics with me after I cleaned up for the contest but here\'s what my Missouri buck looks like that I arrow ed this morning.
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That\'s a very, very great buck!!!
:clap: Congratulations, Francis :clap:
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Well the deer gods shine on me again this year. We saw around 30 deer Saturday morning, passed up a couple small three points and had a four point stand in the same spot for half hour and never presented a shot. at about 9am we herd some shots on the other side of the ridge. about 5 min. after the shots here come a pile of deer. The first group had several does, a decent 3 and 4 point. As we were deciding if we wanted too take the 4 point when another group with a buck that stood out from the rest. With a couple well placed shots he was mine. He is just shy of 27in wide and 13 score able points. Then we finished the weekend off with my cousin connecting with this nice 4x4.

Looks like a lot of points there, Pike!!!
Congratulations :clap: :upthumb: :clap: :upthumb:
Did you kill both the both the bucks this year???
\"Ol\' Arky\" said:
Looks like a lot of points there, Pike!!!
Congratulations :clap: :upthumb: :clap: :upthumb:
Did you kill both the both the bucks this year???

Yes both are from this year. The one on the left is my cousins buck, mine is on the right.
Nice bucks everyone. Looks like some good ones are already hitting the ground. Here is a doe I shot last weekend.

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Filled my Missouri doe tag this morning. This has been a unbelievable hunt.
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