Age and elk hunting


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Nov 5, 2019
I am going on 72 and am still hunting hard on public land on foot.  In recent years it has been getting harder but I hate to quit.  I was wondering if there are many older elk hunters here and what their thoughts are on how age is affecting their desire to keep hunting. Thanks


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Mar 23, 2017
I have a friend who still gets after it every year. Hikes in to public Wilderness, sleeps under a tarp, and kills elk. He will be 80.

I think everyone is different tho. Depends on how you treated your body in the early years :)

Im 55 and I know Ill be luck to get 20 more elk hunts.


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Aug 9, 2019
Good for you, this should be interesting...At 57, I know for me it?s keeping in some sort of shape year round...That and shooting my Bow every chance I get!  As they say, age is but a number...


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Aug 8, 2013
My Dad (71 last month) has been out here chasing elk, deer and antelope with me for the past several years. 


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Dec 8, 2019
I am 72. I am still chasing elk. I keep fit everyday by either lifting weights, cycling, swimming, hiking etc. 
I do not wait until July 1st to start.
The one exercise I never leave out are dead hang pull ups. 10 sets 5 reps each.
Pull ups strengthen my back for the rigors of a long day hunt. They also increase grip strength.                                                               


Sep 29, 2013
I had a patient that was 95 and I asked how he was, " I wish I was elk hunting!".  I couldn't believe it, this was in Feb.  He told me how he had a shot at a 5 point that previous season, but it was a little far for his 30.06 so he passed.  The day the season ended he was at Cabelas getting a new 300 Win. Mag!  Just so he will be ready next year.  He gave me a lot of hope. 


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Dec 28, 2012
Excellent question and more interesting responses. I'm 62 this year and bow hunted Colorado with two younger guys. My buddy commented that I stayed with them every inch of the way. I shot a bull and my buddy did also. As strange as it may sound, I feel better when I am hunting elk than most of the year. I am feeling the years but hope to get several more in. I got points to use

Very impressed with the 80 year old, humping it and sleeping under tarps..I'll bet he was hard to keep up with in his younger years.

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