How long have you been hunting elk?


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Dec 28, 2012
Like the title says: how long have you been hunting elk?  To expand on the discussion some more, What is your primary method of take?  Have you been able to put any on the ground?  If so, how many?  Let's see the pictures!

As for me I have been hunting since 2007.  I started with rifle and in 2010 I began archery hunting.  I still use my rifle sometimes but I really chasing them with archery gear.  So that is what I will be using come this fall.  I was able to kill a nice 6x6 bull in 2008 and that is my only elk to date.  I am hoping that I will get drawn for the unit I have been collecting points for and I will be able to get one on the ground in 2013.  I'm hoping top the one I have so far.



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My huntung partner and I started chasing elk 3 years ago when we switched to archery. Neither of us has killed one yet but this year was the closest we have gotten. Had a cow at 80 yards but my personal limit is 60yards. Maybe next year....
I did my first elk hunt in 1996 with during CO rifle season, did archery hunts in 2010 and 2012, shot a cow this year in CO.
I've been seriously hunting elk since about 2006 when I drew a rifle elk tag in Idaho. I had shot a couple of cows prior to that, but never had a chance to hunt a bull until my buddy convinced me to put in with him on a controlled hunt. Good thing I did! I shot a nice 6X7 (313") for my first bull. I then started archery hunting elk a few years ago. I finally shot my first bull (spike) last year, 2011. Both hunts I was by myself when I shot them, so the pics aren't the best.... I'm hooked on hunting elk now, even though I love to hunt big muley bucks!


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This was my first bull with a bow. I achery hunted for 3 years till I connected on this bull. Nothing huge but he is my biggest with a bow! I have been elk hunting with a rifle since 1998. Only in the last three years have I become engulfed in archery hunting.
Started bow hunting in 1996. Mostly mule deer and started going after elk 5 years ago. Non of my friends bowhunt, so its been a tough long road filled with great experiences and disappointments. I had to learn everything about elk hunting by trial and erroron my own. This year, I hooked up with some new friends and it was an incredible season. I enjoyed hunting alone, but sharing the experience with friends and calling in 2 good bulls for them (which were both shot) was INCREDIBLE.  Needles to say, I thought I was hooked before, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I can't wait for the 2013 season to start. I've already started training, and a few pieces of gear will go on eBay since they didn't make the cut after last season.


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I started hunting elk when I was 16 and could hunt big game (so for about 25 years now).  I was hooked way before that though.  My dad started taking me when I was 5 years old and I have never stopped.  I have taken quite a few with my rifle and muzzleloader, but my most favorite one was with my bow a few years ago.  Nothing that I like better than being on the mountain in the middle of September with screaming bulls all around you. 
There are quite a few nice animals that have been posted.  Congrats!  I like being out in the woods regardless if I fill my tag or not. 
I harvested my first elk at age 16 but didn't really start dedicating myself to be an elk hunter until I was in my early twenties.  My first big bull with a rifle was all busted up so it was at that point I wanted to switch over to archery hunting so that I could kill a big bull without a broken rack.  It took a few years to accomplish this goal but the journey has been a blast! 
Attached is a picture of the bull that inspired me to be an elk hunter..


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I started elk hunting 2 seasons ago here in colorado the first season i wasnt able to connect. but this year although i failed archery season, opening day of 1st rifle i shot a
cow. Butchered her myself at home and put meat in the freezer! Im already planning my
2013 archery season, complete addict at this point.
Started elk hunting about 10 years ago.  Best elk hunt by far was my 2011 archery bull.  It was my first elk with a bow and was in an area I'd been waiting 10 years to draw.  The story of my hunt was in the Fall issue of Extreme Elk.

Buddy pulled a tag in Kentucky for the 2006 archery season. He took a cow with his bow. That was our introduction to elk hunting. Spent two years traveling to Kentucky just to see and hear them bugle, then decided to go West.
Went to Colorado in 2008 on the OTC public DIY archery hunt. My buddy scored a nice 6x6 the last day. I missed a 15 yard alerted 5x5 and a 60 yard cow. Second year was a complete bust due to 90 degree weather. Third year, I shoulder bone shot a 4x4 with no penetration. This year we drew muzzleloader tags. I scored on a great 6x6 and my buddy missed a 6x6.
For hunting public land on our own, I feel we have done great. First year in Colorado was the best, elk were bugling and seemed to be everywhere. Last 3 years they have been pretty quiet and seems to be fewer around, but still addicted. Wish I had started this 40 years ago.
Started hunting elk in 1984. I took my first bull in 1988 and have taken quite a few over the years both with archery and rifle (never muzzy hunted).
Here is my first bull.

The first bull I seen my dad take back in 76 or 77

A few other elk I have taken (not all)






My best bull I have taken in 2006 (OTC bull)
I started in 1979 and we used to pack in about 4 miles and 2000 ft...did it for several years in late Oct/early Nov with a Coleman canvas tent that collaped one year at nite in heavy snow.  That was not fun but memorable!  So I guess I've been at it 34 years and  the older I get the more I like bow hunting to avoid the cold but mostly to be there when the bugling is going on!I'm more addicted now than ever!
Been chasin' these stinky critters for many many years, but I can never seem to get enough!



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I started hunting elk 3 years ago with my stepdad the first year icalled a 5 point to him at 20 yards so that got me hooked i went the next year and we called one in to 30 yards this year was a bad year due to weather in Oregon being real warm like all other spots im sure.


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Been hunting elk since 1993, first with a rifle and then exclusively with a bow for the last 3 years.  Have taken probably a dozen elk and just love being in the woods with good friends and the awesomeness of nature.  I really like the September archery elk--their vocal, sometimes reckless and the weather is not late October cold.
I tagged along with my brother on his oregon archery wenaha bull tag in 1998.  I've been hooked on elk ever since.
I made my first Elk hunting trip to Colorado in 1986.
Now I go some place out west every year to Elk hunt.



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I was introduced to archery and bow hunting 9 years ago when I met my husband.  I have taken three deer and three elk (and one grouse).  This past hunting season, I took my first bull in Idaho!  Archery elk hunting is my favorite activity, bar none!


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