How long have you been hunting elk?

I started elk hunting in the 1960's but never got serious until the 90's when I started bow hunting
Been at it for 8 years. my favorite time of year is september. I love bowhunting.. taken a few bulls and a cow so far..


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This season was my first and already I think I am obsessed.  I am looking at hunting somewhere next year for sure.  If I do not draw Nv I will be looking for an OTC tag somewhere.
Been at it over 30 yrs and live for this moment each season....dont really prefer a weapon per se, but nothing like archery hunting....I chase them each fall in multiple states with bow and rifle


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Shot my first bull, my first year elk hunting at age 15 with a bow back in 1989. Taken bulls mostly with archery gear over the years and also a few with my rifle.

Shot my first elk at age 12 here in WA. Drew a cow tag that year... The morning I shot this guy there were about 15 cows feeding in a clearcut and this dude was roaming around with them.  Decided I'd like to have some antlers instead of a bald head even though he wasn't very big!  But he was big enough for my first bull!


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Ive been elk hunting with my bow since 1999 when I killed my first cow. Since then I have killed 12 elk, 4 cows the rest bulls, biggest being a 370 washington Toad in 2008. Here is a picture of my western washington bull from 2011.


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Hunting elk since 2000. Been able to harvest 5 with a rifle and 1 this year with a bow. Love sharing the experience with family and friends.


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Been at it since 1995.  I have killed 17 bulls with a mix of rifle, muzzleloader and archery.  Here are the two bulls I killed this year.

Washington Cascade Roosevelt (archery):

Montana Bob Marshall Bull:
Been hunting elk off and on since high School. Always cow hunted but started chasing bulls a couple years ago when I started archery hunting. No Antlers on the ground yet but plenty of close calls.


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45 years with 40 bulls taken with bow.  Nothing under a five point bull.


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I see a lot of experience showing up here. Some great elk being taken. Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories.
Since about 2004 when I drew a Manti tag and killed the first thing I could get an arrow in. Still wish I had held out longer but the hunt was still a success. Went to Montana and killed a 300 inch bull in 2005 and have been hooked ever since. Have hunted elk in some form or fashion every year since killing another 5X6 in Idaho. I have had many close calls with big bulls but still trying to put a 350 plus bull on the wall.
Started in 06, so I just had my 6th season. All archery in Colorado. To date I've taken 4 elk , 3 bulls and 1 cow and I can say I'm addicted. Can't wait for next season.



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I killed my first elk in 1998 (a cow in the now non-existant late season gardiner hunt). I really started elk hunting in 2001.
This last season was my first. After filming 3 elk camps, in Colorado and Idaho, I managed to get 1 day out hunting myself during archery elk.

I got.close to a bull but he was on the move and just could not catch up or get him to come my way.

As a lifelong deer hunter, I'm now hooked on elk.

Excited for this year.

Love the magazine and this forum, btw.


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