How long have you been hunting elk?

My first trip was to Colorado in 1993. Went every other year until 1999 and have gone every year since until this past year. Had to miss that one but it won't happen this coming season.
I hunted elk with rifle in CO for 5 years and took 4 bulls. Moved to WA and started bow hunting and have taken two bulls here but should have taken an elk all but one year, many lessons learned ;) All total I have probably hunted elk about 11 years.
10 years of rifle hunting, 8 Bulls !! Here are a couple pictures I could find easily... Good Luck on your next hunt !


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I've been hunting elk since I was 14. I am now 24. I've been very fortunate enough to harvest 5 bulls out of the last 10 years. I am a Colorado resident, and have only hunted elk here in Colorado. Each of the elk I have taken, I used my trusty ol' remington model 700, chambered in .30-06. My biggest bull to date grossed just over 300" and was taken October 22nd in 2009. My most recent bull was taken this past November on the 16th. The bull I harvested on the 16 was a smaller 5x5. None the less I must say I am most proud of this 5x5 bull. I made a tremendous effort to get a shot off, and was able to take him at 350 yds. I've seen some tremendous bulls first hand, have missed some tremendous bulls (one less than 200 yds), but im just as excited if not more excited each fall to see what is in store for me.
I started elk hunting in 1986, two seasons of no elk and countless miles later I
Harvested my first bull a 4x4 . It took all I had to retrieve this bull and get him home, at 2:45 ,am where I shared my excitement with very sleepy parents. I have been hooked ever uncle (who
passd away last year )sparked my interest at age 14.  Since then I have harvested  12 great bulls nine of which were Otc public land bulls.  All harvested with a rifle, anywhere from ten yards to eight hundred and twenty yards. There simply put i see no finer game animal to pursue than elk and sharing and  helping others harvest elk is a dream come true. This years hunt culminated with a three for three harvest.
Been hunting elk for 33 years,have taken as many bulls ,ya elk in the freezer every year is awesome,most taken with riffle but this one from this season was taken with the bow at 10 yards.It is an addition and ill be hunting them till I die.


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I've 26 years old and been hunting elk now for 18 years. Started of hunting with my rifle, quickly switcher to archery, and would occasionally try my luck with a muzzleloader. I've been lucky enough to take a couplecouple with my bow, and a few with my muzzloader. Looking forward to many more hunts with my bow and to venture off to a few other states to chase elk!

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