Time to hit those goals - CONTEST!


Jun 13, 2017
September will be here before we know it, so in an effort to help everyone prepare for their best season ever, we will be running a goal driven contest!

We will be running this contest from March 22 through July 15th.

To enter: First you must post a solid goal that you would like to accomplish by July 15th.  Maybe it's lose 5lbs, maybe it's hike 5 miles under an hour, maybe it's bench 250lbs, maybe it's run a mile under 7 minutes. 
It must be something that actually requires some work to achieve and make your season better. Entries like "lose 1lb" will not be accepted.

In your initial post be sure to include where you are at as far as your goal is concerned. If your goal is to lose 10 lbs, post your current weight, if it's to do 100 push ups in a day, post how many you're at now, etc.

After your initial post you will be required to post at least one update on your goal each month. So a follow up will be required in April, May, and June!

Then on July 15th we will have everyone post where they are at working towards their goals. For those of you who MET YOUR GOALS..... you will be entered into a drawing for some awesome prizes.

Prizes include: a MTN OPS Strength Combo, a MTN OPS Weight Loss Combo, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, YETI Tumblr, Elk101 T shirts, and the grand prize is a set of Vortex Viper HD 10x42 Binos!

Good luck!

My only real goal is to lose weight. My job keeps me in good enough shape physically but I don't get much cardio at work. I don't know what's a reasonable weight to shoot for. I weigh 225 and I'm 6'4". I weighed 145 in high school when I ran cross country and track but I don't think I could get to anything like that weight again nor would I want to. I am shooting for 205 at this point and maybe more but working construction is fairly physical and I don't want to lose any muscle weight.

So far I have gone running a few times and used weights a few times and now my feet hurt.
I would like to get my 5K time under 39 minutes. I am 64 years old, I can?t run because of my knees. I am currently at 44 minutes.
I'm in the same boat as ribo but I don't want to go as low. I'm 6'4" and weigh 229lb. I'm just getting back into playing basketball a few days a week and will start working out when turkey season ends in MS. I'd like to drop down to 220lb this summer. I like that weight and is where I feel comfortable. So that's my goal. The good Lord willing I'll be ready for elk or antelope hunting again this fall.
I currently weigh 272 lbs.  Down from 303.  My goal by July is to be at 250 lbs.  Hope to translate that into some western hunts in the coming years.
I would like to build up to being able to hike 15 miles in a single day with my full pack on. Currently my longest hike with an empty pack is about 7 miles, and with a full 35lb pack is 4.5 which took just over 90 minutes walking around a track.  Currently, the moment I take the pack off my legs get super heavy and tired almost immediately. I really want to build up my stamina so that even if I don?t hike 15 miles in elk country, I could.
I was in a bad car accident 2.5 years ago and still have problems with my knees back neck and issues with migraines. I?ve been unable to hunt like I used to or like I would want to. I put in for a special draw archery elk tag this year and with my points it?s a pretty guaranteed draw. The best way to hunt that unit will be backpack hunt in 5-8 miles. So conditioning for that and losing a little weight. My goal is mainly conditioning and getting past the pain or at least to where it?s tolerable. The plan- I have a outdoor shooting range 5 miles from my house. I plan on riding my bike to the base of the mountain 3.5-4 miles. Then hike the trail the 1-1.5 miles up to shoot the course, hike down and ride home. Where I?m at so far- looking for a bike and waiting for snow to melt. So for now post holing on walks trying to strengthen knees.
I am currently at 185lbs, down from about 195 in January. Although I have hit a plateau on my goal of getting into the 170s, I believe I can push myself to get down to 175lbs this summer. Between training for my first Train to Hunt competition in June and getting more healthy overall, this should achievable.
I have a couple goals in mind for this summer. I currently hold weight somewhere between 231 and 236. I've been trying to break through that 230 barrier to 225 for awhile now. I feel like with my size 225 is my ideal weight. I also would like to continue to get my High Blood Pressure under control. It currently hovers around 140/100. Obviously getting it to 120/80 is the ideal goal. It has came down but not enough yet. Look forward to being held accountable!
I would like to be down to 240 by July and 225 by the archery elk opener in my home state of Montana.  I am currently at 263 down from 286 at New Years. I have been working out four to five times a week for 40 minutes and have been eating more vegetables and less sugars and carbs.
My goal is to loose 10 pounds.  I have added some winter fluff and need to get back in backpacking shape this coming deer and elk season. My starting weight is 160 and I would like to be down to 150 by august.  To add to the goals I will be hiking 1 mile empty pack and adding weight and distance each month.
I want to lose 10 pounds before June 8. I am 189 now. Also I want to get back to three miles in about 22 minutes. (getting three miles again will come first) After messing up my ankle in Afghanistan in 2010 I've allowed myself to slip. Gotta get back in shape before September 2020. Thats when the first elk hunt is planned. Mountains are not normal for flat land Texas folk.
DTP said:
To enter: First you must post a solid goal that you would like to accomplish by July 15th.

Last year I focused on running to stay in shape but felt under-prepared when the 100 pound meat pack hit my back.  Post-season, I started supplementing my running with free weights and was hitting the gym 4x per week consistently to get more balanced strength and endurance, and was making satisfying gains.

The week before Christmas I herniated a disc in my lumbar that crushed me physically.  I was on the couch for 2 weeks straight and could barely make it to the bathroom with sciatica pain so bad it literally put me in tears.  In January I finally walked 20 minutes on the treadmill and considered it a major accomplishment.  It was a struggle to start squatting an empty barbell.

I'm making good progress with my ability to jog and lift weights increasing weekly and now finally getting to the point where I feel like I can do some training that actually adds up to something meaningful.

Unfortunately, the extended time of no/reduced exercise lead me put on too much extra weight.

So, long story short, my goal is to drop below 195# by July 15.  I'm currently 220, so I have 25# to lose in about 16 weeks.  I'm tracking diet and exercise to ensure I have a realistic calorie deficit and continue to get the macros I need for workout recovery and slow strength gains.
My goal is to see 168.5 on the scale.
This is my weight as of this morning.



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My main goal is to lose weight. After a rough 2018, personally and physically, I want to make the most out of 2019. I?m currently hovering around 250 lbs. by July, I would like to be 230 lbs or lower. I?m going to be utilizing jogging, running, hiking, lifting weights, eating better and limiting my alcohol intake. Treat my body better, fuel it better, so come September 2019, I can more easily get around in elk country to hopefully fill my tag this year. Just turned 49, so I need to get back in better shape for hunting and for my general health as well.
Stats: as of 3-22-2019  50 years old, 5ft 10in, 178.8#

My goals:
Core... I started the 1st of march.

1: Pushups am at 150 per day now. Add 15 per week for 16 weeks and a goal of 400 on the 12th of July.

2: Planks at 1.5 minutes per day. Add 10 seconds per week goal of 4 minutes July 12.

3: 178.8# this am. Goal 170.

4: Do a lot of lunges. Start that Monday.

5: Ride my mountain bike as much as possible.

6: Do some jogging to work on cardio.

I will report weekly on Friday of progress on each item. I will be hunting some steep steep stuff this year and want to be in my best shape.
My goal is to learn how to use an elk call effectively.  Never been elk hunting and this September will be the first trip DIY.  Picked up call first time 2 months ago and have been practicing everyday since. Slowly figuring out the basics but now pushing myself to learn more advanced calls.
It's been a few years since my last successful elk season.  I have been dedicated at the gym over the last few months.  I still have a ways to go before I feel like i will be in the shape I need for the mountains I'll be hunting.

I plan on heading out on the trails with my back loaded with weight to get in better shape for the mountain.  I have also purchased my first mouth reed after cutting even the smallest of mouth reeds to fit my mouth I have started practicing.  It's a good thing I have several more months to go.

Good luck to all this season.
Hello fellow elk hunters. I have been following Elk 101 for years but have never posted on a forum.
I hope you don't mind a woman bow hunter in her late sixties invading the sanctum.
My goal for the next couple if months us to get out and shed hunt and try to get back into elk shape.
I am recently widowed and have been only eating comfort foods. I had lost down to 115 for a sheep hunt in 2016 now 132. Eek plus I need to shoot  every day as I am no spring chicken.
My goal for this year is to drop my weight down from 185 to 175.  I really started working on this the beginning of March and as of this morning the scale was showing 184.