Time to hit those goals - CONTEST!

About 1 year ago I wrecked on my skis bad. I blew out both my knees, broke a couple ribs, and severed my AC joint. I also ended up with a concussion that had me thrown off for a couple months.

I have quite an active lifestyle but have been unable to do much physical activity over the last year. I have lost around 30 lbs, mostly in muscle weight due to inactivity. I am a lot skinner and weaker than I?ve been in a long time. However, my progress in rehab has brought me to a point where I can lift and train and get myself ready tackle mother nature?s extremes once more.

It?s my July goal to gain back 20 lbs of muscle and be ready to run, hike, and take down a big bull this fall!!!!
Simple: get in the BEST cardio shape I can be. I live in South Texas. That says it all. I am a flatlander. So my ass gets kicked the first few days I am in the Rockies. And I'm in great shape. However, I know I can be better. So my goal is to train with my pack with weight. I want to be over 100 lbs in my pack, and get an hour of cardio in. Currently, I am at 70 lbs for a half hour on the treadmill using the "mountain" course. Doing the best I can with what I have.

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As a complete and utter novice, just purchasing my first bow a few months back, my first goal is to become the best possible shot I can - learning my range, learning my bow, learning my pins, body position, relaxation and seeking help from anywhere I can. I've spent time at the ranges, sighting in and walking courses. Trying to shoot each morning just one arrow. Second goal is to learn more and more about the animals. What they see, where they go, how the travel, sleep, eat, drink, poop. I'm so enjoying this new rabbit hole as it's digging in deep from past backpacking, fishing, mountaineering and climbing experience. I've really appreciated all the help and information that is available.
I am pretty new to elk, archery and we'll hunting.  This will be my second season and I am stoked! Last season I did not expect the amount of hiking I did and it definitely kicked my butt.  I loved almost every moment of the hunt anyway. 

This season I will do more preparation.  I want to be leaner and faster.  I currently run a mile in about 7 minutes.  I want to break the 7 minute threshold and be able to run the mile in 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Reaching this goal will make me more prepared for the season both mentally and physically.  Can't wait for the season.  I will see you at the gym. :train:
Like many, I need to get rid of my winter weight.  I'm now 173 and hunting goal is 163.  I also need to add cardio to my workouts as I tend to hike with a weighted backpack and do some fitness classes.  So my goal there is to do cardio (bike, stairmaster, etc) 2 x a week!
Like a lot of the people here , one of my main goals is to get in shape for the hunting season. I currently weigh 175 lbs and hope to reach 200 with added muscle by June 30. However above this goal... this year I was finally able to draw back my dad?s bow who passed away back in 2007. Since then, things have not been easy. But I?m hoping to make this year the best year yet. If me and my friend are able to draw our archery elk tags this year, my goal is to bring home my first elk and achieve my first archery kill.I?ve been trying to get out and shoot my bow for at least 1 hour every day to practice and ready myself. On top of all of this I just finished my emt school and am now striving towards a job in the fire industry. Big year but I?m hopeful and ready!
It's been a week since I posted my goal of losing weight and the wheels have come off already. I think I weigh too much to run as much as I have. My knees and feet hurt bad enough it takes a few minutes to get going in the morning. My weight hasn't changed but I didn't expect it to this quick. I am hoping to do more cardio that doesn't require hurting myself. More bike riding and better diet. And look into new shoes.
I intend to retire from the USAF July 31rst . My goal is to secure employment ASAP. My hunting goals will be to see how I faired in the NM draw, have a plan in place and begin my training for the upcoming season. I would also like to have a OTC Barbary Sheep on the ground by then.
My goal is to drop 10 lbs.  Im at 213 now.  Also build up my endurance.  8 miles on the bike today and I want to do that at least 5 times a week.
I have 2 goals I am working on right now. #1 is to put on about 7-10lbs of muscle before elk season this fall. Sitting at 165lbs and would really like to be around 172-175lbs. #2 Just picked up a stick bow about a month ago and my goal is to get good enough with it to where I can take it on an archery elk hunt by 2021. Seems like a long time from now but a lot of practice will be needed......
By July 15, I want to be at 190 lbs. I'll be going on my first elk hunt this fall, so I want to be the best shape I can be. I'm currently at 206 lbs. I've been following the Mtn Ops Conquer Weight Loss plan, so I'm hopeful I can get there. I want to be able to cruise through the mountains Corey Jacobsen style.  :lol:
My goal is to comfortably(pull straight back with out having to sky pull) draw my bow at max poundage(65). I had a major stroke 6 years ago and lost a lot of strength. While i have been very fortunate (good lord was watching over me that day) to regain a lot of what was lost my bow pulling strength has never fully came back (always just backed poundage off until i could shoot). Nor have i focused on getting it back. Last season brought that to light in a big way. Nothing like not being able to get to full draw at the moment of truth. Currently i am shooting at 62-63 lbs with some sky pulling after a few shoots. My plan is to shoot daily 20-30 times and increase poundage gradually. APRIL update have shoot 17 of 27 days so far this month. 1/2 turn from max poundage. JUNE update fell off a little only was able to shoot 10 times. i feel as i have reached my goal bow is maxed out and am able to draw without sky pulling. i will continue to shoot up to and through season.
I recently tore my labrum in the left shoulder. It?s been extremely difficult to hold my bow and draw back. My goal is to improve shoulder strength via going to the gym increasing the amount of weight I can handle doing different exercises. Overall goal to be able and draw back straight and smooth and shoot up to 25 arrows a day. Currently I?m at 4 with each draw back being extremely difficult leading me to arch my back backwards with each struggle draw back.
My goal for this year is to drop the remaining weight I have been trying to lose.  I started at 306 last year and ended up here at 274.  I would like to be at 250 by the July timeframe.  I am in Great Fallz Montana.
By July 15th My goal is to lose 30 lbs. I?m currently 225 lbs and I also want to hit 5 bullseye in a row with my bow at 70 yards. I currently hit 1 out of 5 on the bullseye at 70 yards. I have Ben on a lot of back country elk hunts but I feel these 2 goals will greatly increase my odds of notching my tag.
I have had a couple big goals for weight lifting and getting in shape, and have been working hard to reach them! I eventually would like to deadlift 405lbs but by the deadline for the contest I would like to be up to 350lbs. I am currently pulling 305lbs and lifting weekly! Bring it on!
Have not increased my pack weight from 56 lb.but my 2 mile 400 foot vertical is easier and faster, partially due to the fact that the snow is gone. Knocked of 5 min.
Going to do 10 miles on a solo overnight elk shed hunt this weekend with 1200 ft. vertical.  I am pumped 
Weekly update: hit the gym four times this week, two upper body and two lower body days. It felt great to be back in there after taking some time off. No weight loss so far this week.
I stay in "good" shape.  Couple years from my first Ironman.  Don't do crazy distances, but love to be able to push disabled individuals for Team Hoyt (not archery team hoyt) in local races.  One thing that got to me last year was strap pain from packing weight.  So my goal is to pack 80 lbs. for 3 miles.  I haven't packed any weight since season and most my workouts are triathlon based, but hoping to decrease pain during the season.
My goel it to walk 600 miles between April 1, 2019 and July 15, 2019. I am curantly averaging 4.2 miles a day and this will make me bump that up to 5.66 miles a day. I used my iPhone health app to get my average and will using it to track my progress.

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