Time to hit those goals - CONTEST!

my goal is to shoot my bow at 80yd as of now i have only shot at 50 and that seems plenty far!! but i think is would inprove my game to shoot farther ......
I?m 57, 6? flat and as of this morning 225.8#.
My goal by 5/15 is 200# and 180 by 9/1.
I?ll post on Fridays to have someone to accountable to.
Change in diet and getting much more exercise should do it.
Last year I went on a solo back pack archery hunt. After an unsuccessful season fitness was the number 1 thing I wanted to improve upon. I am 49 years old 5'11 and 214 lbs. I want to get below 200 by July

So, every year I go through this phase where I'm in really good shape going into the winter and then I slack off. So let's just say that I have developed a layer of warmth that I need to get rid of before hunting season lol. Right now I'm sitting at 196 lbs at 5'8" I'm a pretty solid guy from lifting weights often. So I'm going to set a goal of dropping to 180-185 just to lean up a bit. Good luck everyone! You can hit your goals!
Hunted Montana in 2014. Thought I was in shape after 4 months of p90x. Boy was I wrong. Goal this year is simple, be ready for real this time. Started watching what I eat. No more soda. 30 years old, 5'6". Was 158# in January. 145# right now. The fat is mostly gone, now to build muscle and endurance.
Side note, hunterjean....late 60's woman bowhunter? AWESOME!
Just saw the first page of this...I need a more measurable goal. So, we'll go with 2 things 
1.) Quit smoking FOR REAL THIS TIME!
2.) Build enough stamina to run 10 miles without stopping. (Already hit the 5 mile mark)
I can't win any prizes, but I can still post my goals.

1) Go from 188lbs to  180-182lbs
2) Run a mile under 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
3) Hike 6 miles under an hour with a 40lb pack. (I might be able to do this one already so if that's too easy let's make it 7 or 8)
My goal for this upcoming season is to get in better cardiovascular shape as that?s always my weakest area. I currently lift weights 4-5 days a week and the goal is to get on schedule doing some cardiovascular exercise the other 2-3 days. Running, biking, or hiking with a loaded pack. It?s tough for me to stay on schedule for the off days.

I?d also like to hike 1 mile with an 60+ lb pack in under 15 minutes. Don?t know where I stand yet as haven?t hiked with a loaded pack.
I am now hiking 2 miles 400 ft. vertical, 3 times a week with 56 lb. pack. Already lost 8 lbs. By July my Goal is 80 lb. Pack and loose another 5 lbs. 
Cool idea for a contest, thanks!  I have 3 goals.
1) Run a half marathon this spring (scheduled in 3 weeks) and continue to run regularly after the race.
2) Get to 50 pull ups (at a pathetic 5 right now).
3) Eat less junk and fast food.
I won't be able to hunt elk this fall, but better fitness will help me in the whitetail woods and life in general.
My goals for this year is to gain 5 pounds and to be stronger before season begins. I weigh 167 right now but would like to be a few above 170 so when I go out and start burning a lot of calories while hunting and hiking the back country I won?t be unhealthy from too much weight loss. I will be stronger physically by working out and going on hikes with increased weight in my pack each time. I want to also be stronger mentally so no matter the highs or lows that will come, I can take them on and keep pushing through it. As another goal, I want to improve on my elk calling abilities by the time July comes around.
I'm also ineligible to win, but I am going to post some goals here and keep posting updates to hold myself accountable. This winter has been bad for me and in addition I've gone on three vacations the last three months, so I am up seven pounds from the fall (and 12 pounds from the end of my archery hunt). I am 6'4" and currently am at 242lbs. I want to get down below 230lbs by the end of this contest with the goal of hitting the woods in September at 225lbs, which would be a great weight for me.

In the back of my mind is a new hidden gem of a honey hole, but that spot is over four miles in with some significant up and down terrain. I plan on day hunting that area for both archery and rifle season and I want no limitations on myself. I want to be able to get back there and hunt it multiple days in a row and have my body still feeling good. I've got the willpower to do it, but it was rough on my body last year. At 225lbs, I should be in a much better spot to make that happen.
My Goal for this year before the season starts is to complete the Mountain Ops 90 day challenge starting April 1st.  I'm at 208 right now and getting down to 190-195 is the current goal.  I am also going to load up my pack this year and go do the stairs at the college three nights a week until the season starts, working my way up to an 80lb pack.
I know this isn't a conditioning goal in the traditional physical goal but am working to become a better hunter. This includes learning all I can from the UEH, practice calling and shooting my rifle more (muscle memory?).

My goal is to shoot my rifle once a month and keep my diaphragm that I just ordered in my car to practice on my daily drive to work.

I'll keep you posted how it goes!

Thanks to the group for the support on the forums and for the information in the UEH Course.

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Tyler243 said:
I would like to be down to 240 by July and 225 by the archery elk opener in my home state of Montana.  I am currently at 263 down from 286 at New Years. I have been working out four to five times a week for 40 minutes and have been eating more vegetables and less sugars and carbs.

Weight wise I am right with you. About 264. I'll put in for a similar goal, though I'd like to drop 30 and be 234 by July. If I could be 225 October 16.
So I am not exactly sure how to measure this however my goal is to increase my cardio. I already workout daily but I hate doing any type of cardio. Having hunted elk the last ten years or so from New Mexico to Montana I know how important cardio is. I have been lucky and always been able to find elk bedded and make a stalk to get into range for the shot but I have also lost some opportunities at some big bulls because I could not climb that hill fast enough. My goal is to be able to climb the hills with ease.

Since reading this post my plan is to start hiking with weight on my back at least a couple times a week. If I can't make it out to the field then I plan to put the treadmill at an angle and walk with some weight. As I improve I plan on speeding up.

I am guessing that the only way to measure this is knowing where I started and how I feel as compared to how I feel come September when it is game time. I know in between now and then with spring bear season right around the corner I will be doing some climbing and hiking so that will be my gauge as to my starting point.
Great contest! My goal is to lose 10 lbs or more. Right now I broke the 200 mark and am 202. I would like to get down to 190 by July 15th.
Time for my Friday update....

I have done 250 pushups daily.

I started the week with 2 min plank daily. Working up daily to 2 min 30 sec yesterday.

I started last week at 178 and weighed 180 this morning. Goal of 170 July 12th. Not sure what happened there. 180 is my all time high.
Last August I suffered an herniated disc injury in my neck which put me out from all physical exercise for 6 months.  I had surgery in November 2018 and will be fully recovered by May as fusions take 6 months to fully heal.  Since about Dec-Jan I have been running a few miles here (AS APPROVED BY MY SURGEON) and there just to get my body ready to go.  The months of sitting on my read end, and not being able to play with my kids, do normal dad stuff, and enjoy my family killed me and I vowed to get in the best shape I am physically able to, Cam Haynes shape. 

My goal is to run Humphreys peak at least once prior to my Sept. Bull Archery Hunt. The trail consists of a 9.5 mile loop with almost 5k ft of elevation gain.  I have been trail running for quite sometime but nothing like this.  I want to be indestructible on my hunt and not allow my physical or mental condition be the reason for not stickin my first bull elk.  I typically weight/pack train (Elk Fit MTN OPS) 3 days a week with 35 lbs in my pack, run 20-30 miles week, and do sauna and cold therapy.  I'll be 40 next year and i am not getting any younger.  Ready to go get this!  Lets GO!!!!
I haven't been running since the fall, and my cardio is suffering. I know I can push myself to do 5kms but have never been able to run more than 8km. My goal for July 15th is to be able to run 10kms, even if it takes me 3 hours to complete.