What did you do today to work towards your 2018 season?

Yesterday was shoulders, core, 2 mile run, and 15 arrows.  Another good day!

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I got in the gym yesterday for the first time in 2.5 weeks after tweaking my neck.

Hang power cleans
Bar-facing burpees


It?s 7am now and I?m building arrows.
Ran 2.5 miles and then killed a leg workout [emoji106]

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We did the Heroes 31 workout, honoring 31 American personnel killed in action on August 6, 2011 when a CH-47 Chinook was downed in Afghanistan.

31-minute AMRAP
With a partner

8 thrusters 95lb
6 rope climbs
11 36? box jumps

One partner carries a 45lb sandbag 400 meters while the other works.

Headed into the alpine with the family tomorrow to try and get our 5-year-old on top of our neighborhood 12,965-foot peak on Sunday.
Today did 2000 steps on the stair climber with a 50 lbs pack and shot the muzzleloader. Time is getting close now, 17 days til we head to Colorado and see what kind of damage the fire has done in our unit! Not to many options right now to hunt and hoping that the closure area shrinks as the fire travels🤞

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Ran three miles and then did legs with core. 

Then shot some arrows at the range!


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publichunter1 said:
5 miles in the Vicksburg National Military Park this morning with a 50 lb pack.

Do you live near there?
I've stopped at that exit a few times during my long hunting road trips.
Got in a leg workout and was hoping to restring my bow, but even though the string was guaranteed to be here today, it still hasn't shown up...  :dk:
Ended my day yesterday with some weighted stair climbs. Finished it up with a brisket sammich...

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Today was a 3 mile run, shoulders, and core

Shot my bow too

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Hammered the legs yesterday with squats, cleans, lunges, jump lunges, leg press, box jumps and hip thing-a-ma-jigs. Today chest and tris. Hopefully some running on the treadmill as well since it's too smokey out here to go for a run.
This week?s been crazy, managing the family with my wife unexpectedly out of town to manage a family illness. I was able to hit the range today at lunch to shoot my new Easton Match Grade + Iron Will 125g vented broad heads out to 50 yards. I?m in the hills as soon as we wrap a 10:45am soccer game on Saturday. Good luck out there, folks.

Today was a 2 mile run, back, biceps, dug some holes, mowed the yard, and shooting my bow here this evening

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I hung some horn on all of my targets today.  Maybe that?ll help me not lose my mind when something big walks in! Lol

Probably not, but I can pretend :)

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Early morning trip to bakers draw shooting range with the 300wm followed with around of golf mid day.

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