What did you do today to work towards your 2018 season?

Doing plenty of pushups to strengthen the back and core.

Busting my butt to get work done around home before season is my daily workout. :train:
Nursing a sore shoulder. Both shoulders actually. Ran 4 miles yesterday. Leg day at the gym tonight so I can give the upper body a rest.
Today was chest, tris, and ran two miles! I?m feeling really good

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Loaded front squats, and core. May have thrown some cheater curls in there [emoji23]

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Friday: Squats, high box jumps, weighted lunges, leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises, sit-ups. 4 miles on bike.
Saturday: 3 mile run. 3 mile bike ride.
Today was legs legs legs, cardio, core, and yard work. 

Yesterday I shot a 3D tournament.  I wore a weighted pack to get some practice in and was still able to take third.

I can?t wait for elk season.


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Legs, core, cardio as well today. Also some band exercises to work the rotator cuff. Its feeling a good bit better but still a little ways to go.
Today is shoulders, core, cardio, shooting my bow, and checking a few cameras for deer.  :upthumb:
Remember I said I was going to check my camera?




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Workin on the core today throwing big baits in a Muskie tournament!

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I flung 100 arrows in about 90 minutes, then got in a 3.5-mile hike with the heavy pack and 8-year-old. Got the first sniff of bulls this year at one of our wallows.
Pretty Good week:

24 miles running (7, 7, and 10)
3x Crossfit
1x shooting my Bow, so I get a sad face there

(My 225 gr field tips have been on backorder but should arrive in a day or so, then plan to put in a good bit more time each week shooting)

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Today was bow time and lots of it! I?m almost ready to start firing a few broadheads for last minute checks and then I?m ready

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X-Fit at 6am

Snuck in a shooting session on the way home.  45 min. 

Feeling Good!  35 days to go!

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Lived at 12000 feet for about a week. Heart rate was off the charts at first. Then moved towards normal as I acclimated. Did a lot of walking.

Tomorrow, I?m getting back on my mtn bike. Kinda nervous. But I have new helmet and knee guards. It?s GO-TIME!

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