What's your pick for knives?

I carry two Buck 110s (sharp) in my pack for breaking down elk and I carry a nice quick action Benchmade on my hip for emergency cuts!
Along with a very sharp pocket knife, I've carried two Outdoor Edge knives for years that are similar to this combo they now sell. I've been very happy with these!


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This last winter I decided to try making my own knife. I'll be taking this one with me this year:



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Carry a buck 110 on my hip for general purpose.  A Havalon (with spare blades) in my kill kit along with another buck just in case.
Cutco for me.
I've had it for over 17 years.
It will do 3 elk without needing a sharpening

I recently received a Havalon.
Haven't used it on big game yet but it's in my pack next to the Cutco
Ha alone and fixed blade Benchmade in kill kit. A Buck Lite folder that has been with me on every hunt in the last 25 years.
I love my Helle, I replaced the handle with elk antler and made my own sheath. It can process several elk and deer on one sharpening.
Recently I picked up an Outdoor Edge replaceable blade knife as they've seen to pick up (with havalon) a stellar rep. However I've carried my custom made knives for the last few years. 
I carry my Ron Panko custom skinner I had made for my hand. He's out of Florence MT and has quite the following.  It's great and I did a black bear and 3 bucks and I still feel the edge would do another or two.  Fantastic knife!
This last year I picked up my first Behring Made knife from my hometown Missoula MT.  Let me tell you if you want a custom hand made knife go no farther. He's got an outstanding rep within the military and he has special forces contracts for knives. I carry his Bridger from his tech line and haven't been disappointed for a second. It's one awesome knife. And for $295 it a purchase I'll have with me for life.  It's cerakoted for protection and durability. The edge is amazing. I've don't just about everything with this and haven't been let down.  HIGHLY recommend his work to any outdoorsman. Period. Knives like a weapon (rifle pistol bow) is highly personal as a choice and he's got something for everyone and every need.



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I have a custom knife ready for elk cutting.  It's a Adventure Sworn Explorer.  It is profoundly sharp.

For hogs. My Mora carbon companion.

This year deer, I'm gonna try my stepdads hand me down Buck110. Them thing is also insanely sharp.
Here are a couple of knives I made. The one with the sheath is my using knife and the engraved one is my latest. both are made on the same Helle blade model.


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Well phooy! The second picture didn't post up. I'll try later on another post.
Here is the second knife


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The elk horn came out great, Bill!
I've always loved the Helle blades.

I told myself that when I make my next rank I'm going to do a custom knife to celebrate it.  Have to make some sort of motivation!

Well I included my picture of the knives I often use for elk and deer processing in the field and at home.  Above the top of the row of knives we have my sharpening stone and oil. I didn't include my leather strap for fine honing the finished edge though.

Left to right:
American Hunter w/ Stag Handle
Buck Wood Handle #120    ==>  Mostly used for de-boning and dealing with large chunks of meat.
Bear Wood Handle Skinner with Gut Hook #MGC
Schrade Delrin Handle #1520T  ===>  Awesome knife for working a downed animal and at home processing the meat.
Havalon (original model) with replaceable blades
Case Canoe Pocket knife

The Schrade 1520T and the Havalon do most of the work for me though!!!

Thanks and hoping you get to use "yours" on this year's hunts and more! 



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I've carried a buck 110 for 25 years. But last year my wife bought me two new cut co knives. 1st is the k bar outdoorsman, 2nd is the cut co serated edge hunter.  Ive owned alot of knives over the years and the cut co hunter is an incredible knife. By far my favorite. The k bar is a really nice knife aswell but less versital.

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