Time to hit those goals - CONTEST!

Drop 10 lbs by July 15.  No pop!  Cardio 3x a week i.e. hike with weighted pack, elliptical and yoga.  Weights 2x a week.  :agg: 
Currently I am preparing for a successful year to push and lead into new journies. Finding new ways to gone my soul and being able to develop skill and suitability starts with attitude and ends with boots on the ground. Being from the Midwest and having a great part in the Wisconsin conservation while chasing game makes an acceptable effort and success. 2 years ago I picked up archery as a lost obsession and the consumption of technology, gear, technique, and comrodery is something lost over ten years prior. When the passion of trekking into the woods with sticks and a bow slowly dwindled there was not a YouTube, online forums were rudimentary, and you remitted on your own capabilities to hone skill via literature and sight time. Now literature is similar just easily accessible, the tuning and set up seems to require more sight time and practice. This may because I'm more focused and not in my twenties, more mental strength and drive with less rudimentary force forward motion driven by what my grandfather would have called piss and vinegar. In persuit of challenge and idea I have started to put high payoff activities on the calender these are must do things that force my ever changing schedule to comply with my goals. My changing challenge is this spring and I have started turkey hunting as a rookie for spring scouting activity and getting into the woods. This is great time ti shoot my local spots for big game as well to take heed in a new activity. This fall among hunting diver ducks and whitetails in going to venture to Canada to naturally chase black bear with the bow. This is step one of the most important part of the message we can listen to in order to expand ourselves on several levels. One thing this hunt already has is passion and tuned gear, while lacking my twenty year old grit and tuned body that 3 boys and a demanding work schedule have prioritized a less sculpted body but given a happier man with a great outlook on life and a responsibility to translate tradition.

My goal.
Fitness improvement, while maintaining a household. Currently I'm a fair 228-232#
Through gym membership I have started the work out option and svelte this past week. At home I have started the diet. Through focus, weights, cardio, diet, and lifestyle change I am going to get to my lean 211#, expand stamina by training and ensuring I can traverse any terrain I need to.

Drop 25#
With reaching that will accomplish all other parts of of this project through process.

Stay tuned.
I am an avid hunter in New Mexico. This year I not only applied for elk and deer, but also Bighorn Sheep, Barbary Sheep, and Persian Ibex. I am currently 265lbs and need to drastically reduce my weight in order to participate on these rugged hunts. My ultimate goal is to be between 200-210, but by July though, I want to be 235-240.

:train: :train: :train:
Goals for Contest/ Sept. 1:

A. Lose 25lbs., currently at 245

B. Run 5k in 40min

C. Begin Trail Running at Turkey Mountain.

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On July I'd like to be 75 lbs lighter. Started last fall after missing a elk season due to some health issues. AtAthe time wasw345 down to 292 so far, a just trying to be around for some good times in the woods with my kids. So is taking up archery this year which is always a good time.
45 years old and I generally chase elk at 170lbs. Each off season I pack back on the weight and range in the mid to upper 180s and every season I vow to maintain all winter. This winter was no differnt and 4 weeks ago I was 186lbs. Kicked in elliptical and Airdyne and started my first ever attempt at Keto. 1 month later I am down 10lbs (176lbs) and feeling pretty good. Energy, alterness, and lack of hunger are pretty amazing. Only issue is fatigue during workouts but hoping that will improve. Goal #1, be under 168 by July 15th. Goal #2, add muscle mass to my buttocks. I Funny, I know, but I have a very flat butt and hauling heavy loads results in a pack slid down and tons of pressure on my tail bone region. I'll measure soon but any addedadded mass here will help with my pack loads.
Checking in: I have been doing some type of HIIT training three times a week to increase the cardio, it has been tough but getting better.
33, 175#, live in Denver, going to GMU 85 in Colorado to either muzzleload or archery hunt this year. Unfortunately, not on any of the amazing private ranches down there. It'll be on public land. I'm all ears if anyone is familiar with the elk down there.


1) Main Goal: Get back into cardio shape. I've avoided consistent cardio over the last couple of years due to knee pain that always flares up. I'll need to get serious about PT on the knee and start to step up the running gradually.

I have a two part cardio goal: 1st Goal) Run a 10k (6.2 mi) in under 50 minutes (8 minute pace). 2nd Goal) 80 lb pack, 8 miles, 1500 ft of elevation gain minimum.

2) Maintain and slightly increase strength. Currently can do 3 sets of 5 squats at 225. Want to be able to do 255 by July 15th. Currently I can deadlift 3 sets of 5 at 295. Want to work up to 335. I do these on separate days.

Early April baseline update: 15:57 mile with 66 lb pack for first try.

Was just walking first half and hit that at 8:40 had to huff it to try and make time second half. So 15 minutes will be a challenge. Then I?ll have to add weight as I don?t think much more than 4mph is capable for hiking/walking. It would become more of a job for me.

Also just wrote my running and hiking plan to go along with lifting 4 days a week.

Did a spartan race two weekends ago and it was a fun challenge. That 4 miles was the most I?ve ran outside of soccer games when I was growing up.

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Down 3lbs. 4 to go


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April update

1) Finish a half marathon:  Completed today.
2) 50 pull ups: 10 currently.
3) Eat healthier/less junk food: No objective measurement,  but I have been cutting out snacks or replacing them with fruit.


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Congrats on the updates guys! Looks like some solid progress already.

I've stayed consistent with my workouts and although the scale isn't showing much difference yet, I feel great. Hopefully I'll start seeing more results soon.
aes7.5x55 said:
April update

1) Finish a half marathon:  Completed today.
2) 50 pull ups: 10 currently.
3) Eat healthier/less junk food: No objective measurement,  but I have been cutting out snacks or replacing them with fruit.

Well done!!!
My last couple weeks have been rapid results, but due to unwanted reasons.
The flu leading into food poisoning dropped me about 10 lbs!
Now it?s time to ease back into the gym and let me body feel normal again!
April update. Got a bike and am working on getting rides in for conditioning my knees. Proving tough with a torn pcl. Migraines are there but maybe the heart pounding in my head will get me used to it so when it happens because a bull comes into shooting range I?ll be used to it. Lol. Only a couple weeks until I find out if I drew my limited draw archery tag. Here?s hoping. Still waiting on snow to melt on the bow course so just shooting around the house for now. Keep on working toward those goals. Season will be here before we know it !
Bowhunter1 said:
Exercise on hold due to the Flu. However I dropped 9 lbs in the last 3 days. Lol

That's cheating Terry! I could use a bug like that right now... :lol:

Hope you feel better!
April check in.  Started MTNTactical's "Frank Church" training plan which has been great (second program I've done from Rob, he's got really good stuff).  It's designed for outdoor professionals and a great winter/spring base training program for hunters.

Back recovery had been doing really well until I attended a conference last weekend and sat in basic chairs for 5 hours which really fired up some sciatic pain that I hadn't really experienced for well over a month.  That's really slowed me down this week but still getting in a little cardio while trying to rest up the back so I can get back to the full program ASAP.  It's been pretty frustrating taking a step backwards.

When trying to lose body fat I usually target a 1,000 calorie deficit per day which is roughly 2lbs of fat per week.  That's very hard to do with just light cardio and still enjoy reasonably satisfying meals, so hoping the back/sciatica clears up again soon so I can hit it harder again.
My goal is a consistent sub 30 min 5K. Been working at this 5 months - started at 42:32, best is 32:30. Getting closer, gonna make it before end of June i think.