What did you do today to work towards your 2018 season?

Welcome pa bowhunter!  :welcome:

Sounds like you are already in a great spot heading into next year. Keep up the good work!
Today was a killer arm day.

Tris, bis, forearms, core, 1.5 mile jog, and 3 mile incline walk on the tread mill.

Feeling good, but it may not be fun pulling back my bow if a buck comes in tonight.  [emoji23]

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Did some wall sits, body weight squats, burpees and pushups at the office.  Hate working weekends :help2:
I had a busy day with hunting and family time, so I had to do a in house workout.

250 push ups
150 baby squats (I held my kid :haha: )
Flutter kicks
Leg lifts
sit ups

It felt good, but probably didn't counter balance the elk lumpia I had for dinner ;)
The "New Years Resolutioners" are out in full force.

I was able to get in a nice mile and a half run, mile inclined walk, good back workout, core, and abs.

I'm also going to try something new this year. Each month I am going to alternate some form of calisthenics after each workout.
This month I am doing 50 pushups.

I am thinking next month will be pull ups and March will be dips. Etc etc

It's a nice little burn out at the end of every workout!  :train:
Another night of killing my legs, 3 1/2 mike bike, 1 mile inclined on 9, core, and abs.

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I must be the only one prepping  :tease:
Today was an arm workout, stair master, inclined walk on the tread mill, core, and abs! :train:

I'm prepping as well, just in a different fashion that's not as exciting as Dan's  :-D

Continuing to put miles on either via the treadmill or outside when I can. Also really working on stretching and other injury prevention items. If I can continue to keep the pounds down, especially this time of year, and keep the body feeling good, I'll be in a good spot for this year! The nagging pain that occasionally shows up in my hips or back while hunting is going to be a non-issue this year.
Just finished a killer chest workout.

Chest, core, abs, cardio, and now I'll knock out my 50 push ups!!!!
I quit drinking beer. (For now). Well, most booze. It was getting me fat!

I am riding my mtn bike hard. Really red-lining my heart.  My cardio is my Achilles on the elk mountains.

I got a awesome ride in. I can tell I?m stronger. Got to the top without putting a foot to the ground.
Today was a nice four mile hike checking cameras and scouting.  :upthumb:
Leg day at the gym,  shoveled snow for a few (not fun after
Squats) then finished up with some backpack cardio in the garage. 
I walked around the yard with our little dog for about and hour all total in 5? deep snow!!!
The last 15 minutes were the worse since it was a wet 10 degrees...
Yesterday was a killer shoulder workout, core, abs, and cardio!

Today will be a 3 mile run and then some legs to follow it up!

Phil, please send me some of that snow so I can go kill the big buck.  :mrgreen:
Going to be in some serious terrain chasing sheep in 33 days...
2 Mile run
squat 3x5@75% of max
GHR's 3x5
Pistols 3x5
Weighted Lunges 3x5 w/30lb dumbells
2 Mile Incline walk
and finally.....Chased my toddler around the house!
Chest day!

Had a very nice chest workout, cardio, core, and abs! Finished out with my 50 pushups and my chest feels good.
Today?s workout got washed clean by my birthday meal....

Bubble up elk enchiladas, brownies, and ice cream....





Oh well, guess I?m running extra tomorrow.  It was worth it ;)

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